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Simple to set up, easy to use, wireless security camera

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Home Security

Know what's happening when you're away

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Baby Monitoring

Ensure your baby and children are safe

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Business Security

Safeguard your business, staff and stock

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Elderly Care

Keep in touch with those you love

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Pet Security

Keep in touch with your pets whilst you're out

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Student Security

Ensure your possessions are safe

Wireless Security Camera from WatchBot

Home Security, Business Security, Baby Monitoring, Petcams and more

WatchBot is an affordable wireless home and business security camera that provides peace of mind. It gives you the freedom to remotely view and monitor what’s important to you, even if you are thousands of miles away. Use WatchBot camera to monitor your home whilst you're at work, as a baby monitoring camera, as a camera to protect your elderly relatives, as a pet monitoring camera (petcam), or connect up to 32 WatchBots for an affordable business security solution to safeguard your premises, staff and stock.

CCTV camera that’s simple to set up - in less than 5 mins!

WatchBot camera has simple plug and play technology meaning you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Set up WatchBot wireless internet camera, and you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC to view live footage of its surroundings. Move the security camera lens up, down, left and right using the remote controls; with WatchBot’s wide viewing, you get the complete picture. Log into WatchBot at any time to view and protect what's important to you: your home, baby, pets, elderly or vulnerable relatives, business, possessions or business.

Security camera that alerts you when motion sensor is triggered

WatchBot is a camera with night vision and intelligent motion sensors; it can monitor day or night: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the motion sensor is triggered, WatchBot sends an alarm with screenshots to your smartphone using the dedicated WatchBot App - or to your PC, laptop or tablet. Simply set WatchBot to record onto its onboard SD card, or any connected computer, and you can use the footage as evidence. It can even record without being connected to the Internet.

Connect up to 32 cameras for complete CCTV security system

WatchBot allows for up to 32 cameras to be monitored simultaneously with high quality sound, picture and video quality - great as a business security system or people who want to monitor several locations at the same time. Imagine being able to view all parts of your life at the same time - it’s possible with WatchBot.

WatchBot Features

  • Plug n Play

    Plug & Play

  • Compatible

    Compatible With
    A Range Of Devices

  • Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor

  • Night Vision

    Night Vision

  • Pan & Tilt

    Pan & Tilt

  • 64 Cameras

    Watch Up To
    64 Cameras

  • video & image

    Video & Images

  • 2-way audio communication

    Two-Way Audio

  • Wireless

    Wireless Connection

10 Reasons to buy WatchBot

  • 1

    Simple to set up, easy to use

    Plug and play technology means you're up and running in less than 5 minutes.

  • 2

    View footage on a wide range of devices

    Use WatchBot with any device, anytime, anywhere. View your home, business or loved one whilst you're out of the room, on the move, at work or on holiday.

  • 3

    Ideal for home and business security

    WatchBot can be used as a home security camera, a baby monitor or even for keeping in touch with your pets whilst you're away. Business owners use WatchBot in every part of the business - keep in touch with staff in different locations, monitor stock and protect your interests.

  • 4

    Night vision facility

    The built-in infrared sensor allows you to protect what's important to you during the times when it's most needed: at night!

  • 5

    Motion sensor

    The intelligent motion sensor gives you complete peace of mind. Your camera will send an alarm to your smartphone with picture screenshots notifying you that motion has been detected.

  • 6

    WatchBot sends you an alert

    Be alert via email when motion is detected. A great feature that will let you know you if there is a break-in at your property or if your baby or pet moves in area they shouldn’t be in.

  • 7

    Connect up to 64 cameras

    WatchBot allows you to monitor up to 64 cameras, day in day out. Know what's happening in all parts of your business or home.

  • 8

    Two way audio communication - keep in touch with your relatives

    WatchBot allows you to have two way communication. Use WatchBot to keep in touch with distant relatives or speak to your staff in remote offices.

  • 9

    Record footage - use as evidence

    With WatchBot, you can record footage to any connected device and also to the optional on board micro-SD card.

  • 10

    Dedicated Technical Support

    We have a dedicated & friendly support team on hand to assist you via telephone or email.

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